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August Fishing & Scalloping on Florida's Adventure Coast

Fishing is good if you start early. With daytime heating, the best fishing is early morning with a good moving tide. I like to fish the morning incoming tide along the mangroves and oyster bars for red fish and snook.Lady with redfish

Use live pin fish or green backs rigged under a cork or free-lined with a 2/0 circle hook and a 25-pound leader. Always look for activity like mullet schools and nervous water for a good indication of red fish presence. Mangrove Snapper catch

Near shore, around the rocks, we have a good mangrove snapper and grunt bite. Use cut squid on a ¼-ounce jig head for grunts. Snappers are pickier, so I rig a 10-15 foot 12-pound leader with a #1 bait hook. Place a chum block out to get the snappers active. Also, take green backs and cut them into ¼-inch chunks. Hide the hook well into the cut bait and free line into the chum slick to appear as natural as possible, leaving the spool open. When the line starts ripping off the spool, flip over the bail and set the hook. 

Scallops are abundant into the north Chassahowitzka area in 4 feet of water. 

Scallopers 2 Josh Fritz Resize