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Florida Wildflowers in Bloom

More pastel than primary, the cool colors of fall blanket Florida's Adventure Coast with blossoms. As the weather cools, many wild blooms are on display.  

Fluffy and cloudlike, pink Muhly grass acts as a soft filter to autumn daylight. This blooming clumping grass is native to pine flatwoods, coastal uplands and sandhill areas. 

pink grass.jpg

flawildflowers.org photo


Another pale pink fall bloomer is known as the Chinese flame tree. Its coloring comes from seed pods. Although non-native it is a popular landscaping option.

chinese flame tree tree.jpg

flawildflowers.org photo


Also blooming around the Adventure Coast in this time of year, is the Cassia or "Butterfly Bush." Almost as if a golden light bulb is turned on, these bright yellow flowers have a radiant glow.

cassia.jpgUF/IFAS photo

Some of the Florida fall color - like the Beauty Berry - isn't even a blossom. 

beauty berry.jpgBeauty Berry photo: HoeandShovel.com

Learn about native plants decorating the world around us - some more brightly than others - from the Florida Native Plant Society.  

Identify blooms you see outdoors on Florida's Native Wildflowers and and enjoy browsing their gallery of beautiful Florida wildflower images on flickr.

Consider strolling through Nature Coast Botanical Gardens for a vibrant variety of lushness. The Gardens are free and welcome your visit seven days per week.