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From Wine to Shine: Try Florida's Adventure Coast Locally Crafted Spirits

Raise your glass to more reasons to raise your glass! The variety of appealing artisan beverages is growing around Florida’s Adventure Coast. 

From frothy beer flights to swirling wine goblets, satisfy your adventurous palate with hand-crafted beer, wine and distilled liquors.

Take a seat, a taste and maybe a tour.


Photo: Marker 48 Brewing Visitors Bureau

Marker 48
12147 Cortez Boulevard
Brooksville, FL 34613
Dubbed by an early critic as “Delicious Beer,” Marker 48 claims Mermaid water is a key ingredient. Many who appreciate the subtleties of craft brewing taste the attention to Marker 48 quality.

This repurposed auto repair shop features floor-to-ceiling clear-panel garage doors, open to a beer garden. Other unique design features include whiskey barrel light fixtures and up-cycled corrugated metal and wood pallets. Driftwood is even used for the draft beer pulls. Former mechanic bays beneath the clear Plexiglas flooring were transformed to store oak barrels for aging. A popular gathering place, Marker 48 has won numerous awards for quality. Ask about a brewery tour.

cracker kitchen tap room.jpg

Photo: Florida Cracker Kitchen Tap Room Facebook image

The Tap Room at Florida Cracker Kitchen
962 East Jefferson Street
Brooksville, FL 34601
Small and intimate, the Tap Room is a local watering hole loaded with ambience. Sample artisanal ales, stouts and lagers crafted exclusively in Florida. The cozy Tap Room sits adjacent to the famous Florida Cracker Kitchen restaurant. From Swamp Head Hydroslide to Green Bench Happy Hermit, craft brewers reveal naming creativity to go with their savory tastes.

strong tower.jpg

Photo: Strong Tower Vineyard Website

Strong Tower Vineyard and Winery
17810 Forge Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34610
Plan a visit to the Strong Tower Tasting Room Wednesday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. Sample their award-winning whites, reds and blush wines created from grapes cultivated on-site at Strong Tower Vineyard, a certified Florida Farm Winery. Grown, harvested, processed, aged and bottled on site, the owners welcome visitors for tastings and tours. The serene setting is also perfect for extraordinary events.

Masaryk Winery.jpg

Photo: Masaryk Winery Facebook image

Masaryk Winery
19121 Phillips Road
Masaryktown, FL 34604
For a full line of such fruit table wines as blueberry, strawberry and - soon - blackberry, visit Masaryk Winery. The wine is prepared from fruit harvested within the thriving U-Picktopia public farm operation. Visit Fridays through Sundays, 10am to 8pm for seasonal produce, tours and wine tastings. Consider planning a unique event in their spacious tasting room.

Mermaid Rum.jpg

Photo: NJoy Spirits

NJoy Spirits Distillery
Chassahowitzka Wildlife Preserve
Weeki Wachee, FL 34613
NJoy Spirits is a family distillery located deep in the pristine Chassahowitzka Wildlife Preserve. There, they craft Wild Buck Rye Whiskey and Mermaid Rum. Both have won numerous international awards and best-of-class distinctions. Whiskey Advocate magazine rated Wild Buck Whiskey one of the top craft whiskeys in the nation. Owners Kevin and Natalie Goff proudly focus on carefully sourced ingredients and process purity. Both products are available through distributors or direct shipment.

Copperheads Southern Shine.jpg

Photo: Copperhead's Southern Shine Facebook image

Copperhead’s Southern Shine

Presently unsigned with a distributor, you can sample Copperhead Southern Shine at local festivals and events.

In prohibition-era style, Copperhead Southern Distillery prepares its beverage using only sugar, honey and yeast. Unaged and clear, it is distilled five times for a smooth, clean taste. In addition to its Original 120 proof version, Copperhead’s produces a line of ten infused flavors such as Strawberry, Apple Pie, Vanilla, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Lemon and more.

Sparacia Witherell.jpg

Photo: Sparacia-Witherell Family Winery website image

Sparacia-Witherell Family Winery
Open for Tastings beginning November 17, 2017
21509 Snow Hill Road
Brooksville, FL 34601
Introducing high quality wines produced from Florida’s finest grapes and fruit. Find the vineyard tucked away in the northeastern Adventure Coast countryside, near the Withlacoochee State Forest. Here, the Sparacia and Witherell families collaborated to become Florida’s First Family of Wine. Find out how to join this family winery as a Founding Vintner or as part of their Family Wine Club.

Thoughtful scientist holding a beaker in the factory.jpeg

Image: Shutterstock

Part Art. Part Science.

More unique flavors and tasting experiences are popping up all the time. Craft brewing and distilling continues to surge in popularity worldwide. Many adventurous makers are drawn to express their creativity. Perfecting beverages from scratch takes care and patience. And before opening a business or selling to the public, makers must comply with regulations and licensing requirements.

Whether you prefer wine, craft beer and ale, distilled liquors and hard ciders or even moonshine, stay tuned as more innovative craft beverage makers join the fizzy, foamy, sparkling Florida’s Adventure Coast scene. Now that's something to celebrate. Cheers!