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I was a Little Ninja and had the Best Birthday Party Ever

My 8th birthday was coming and I HAD to pick the best party ever. I was sick of going to my friends’ parties and theirs always being better than mine. Mom promised mine would be awesome!

My brother saw this ad on YouTube for a place called TreeUmph! I couldn’t believe this place was in my town. It looked so cool. They had this course for kids my age called Little Ninja. It was just like the things I’d seen on the Ninja Warrior show but for ME! And I could go ziplining too! This was gonna be the best party ever, I knew it!


Mom booked it. I even got to pick out my own cake and bring 9 friends which meant all my closest friends could come. Most of them didn’t know what TreeUmph! was but when I told them about it they were so happy. 

It felt like forever, but it was finally the day of my party. We picked up some of my friends and drove to TreeUmph!. It was like nothing I had ever seen. There were people in the trees climbing around like monkeys, and people called “Guides” everywhere. They said we were Little Ninjas, and that we were going to have a ton of fun. And they were right!

TreeUmph Little Ninja rope swing 1 sm

There was so much to do, and everything was in the same area so we were all together while we played.

TreeUmph Little Ninja Boards 2 sm

There were tightropes, slant boards, climbing walls, a rope swing, bridges that wobbled, and more that I can’t remember. They even had a bigger course for my big sister and her friends to do. They got to do the same exact stuff, but theirs were bigger and high up in the trees. My friends and I had a contest to see who could do the obstacles the fastest and I won!! The Guide said that we were the fastest ninjas he had ever seen.

TreeUmph Little Ninja Climb sm

When we were done playing, we got to do our very own Zipline! It was so fast, and so much fun, we all loved it. We all yelled as loud as we could. The pictures made it look like we were flying.

TreeUmph Little Ninja Girl 2

Once we were done with the zipline, we ate cake and opened presents. The cake was so yummy, and everyone sang happy birthday to me. The Guides helped us take pictures so I could remember my birthday party forever. I had so much fun that Mom bought a ticket for me to come back and play more next week. I can’t wait! All my friends told me that this was the best party they had ever been to…..ME TOO!

TreeUmph Little Ninja Girl 1

Thanks TreeUmph!, this place is awesome. My older brother wants his party here too. Mom says he can because everyone can do it. He’s so happy!