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National Plan for Vacation Day

January 31st is an important day for your health and happiness, so vital that a national holiday celebrates it. It’s National Plan for Vacation Day.


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This day represents currency that, well invested, yields returns beyond measure. Find plenty to invest in around Florida’s Adventure Coast.

When making your yearly plan, cash in your precious vacation time capital for returns of outdoor thrills, epic angling, family fun or quiet enjoyment of nature. January 31st is a day to plan for the amazing vacation memories you will make.  

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National Plan for Vacation Day is a day to urge Americans to plan early for their year of vacation days. As part of U.S. Travel Association’s Project Time Off, National Plan for Vacation Day underlines the importance of actively including vacations in your life plan.


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Why does a Vacation Planning Day matter?

In 2015, more than half of American workers left a total of 658 million vacation days unused. Since 2000, vacation usage has been steadily declining. Workers reported taking off just 16.2 days, almost a full week less compared to the pre-2000 average. This is America’s Lost Week.

How does planning help win back America’s Lost Week?

Less than half of households set aside time to plan the use of their vacation time each year and planners have advantages over non-planners. Among them, many more planners are likely to take a full week or longer of vacation time at a time.

It should come as no surprise that vacations and their planning correlate to greater happiness across many measured categories, including financial situation and professional success.

We at Florida’s Adventure Coast Visitors Bureau know you have so many things in your life that you have to do. Plan for what you want to do for the year on January 31st .


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Use National Plan for Vacation Day to arrange your vacation on Florida’s Adventure Coast. Visit our website for inspiration and contact Visitor Bureau representatives for ideas and assistance. Make your plans and enjoy the upside of downtime.


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