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Why Noisy Nights are Good News in Nature's Place to Play

Thanks to recent rains, our nighttime outdoor symphony has reached a crescendo. Croaks, squeaks, barks, chirps and deep snore-type sounds merge to almost earth-shaking levels.

Florida’s Adventure Coast is home to many frog and toad species. While some may find these amazing amphibian sounds an obstacle to sleep, their healthy numbers are good news for the environment. As a bio indicator, frogs and toads reflect the air, soil and water health of the world around us.

springpeeperjohnson.jpgSpring Peeper

They also play a central role in the food chain. Frogs are eaten by such predators as herons, snakes and fish. They in turn, consume vast quantities of mosquitos and other insects.

Leopard Frog.jpgSouthern Leopard Frog

In sizes that range from a tiny shirt button to that of a softball, have some fun identifying what you see with this Sample Species List. And, instead of counting sheep, next time try identifying those joyous sounds of the night with these call samples from a presentation by the Frog Listening Network

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