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Remember Together

Do you recall your first trip to Florida's Adventure Coast? Maybe it was on one of those boisterous, school's-out family road trips. Remember the palms and natural landscapes, the roadside attractions, the fishing, the Mermaids? How about the first time you discovered that the spring fed Weeki Wachee River really is that exquisitely clear? It's time to relive those experiences through new eyes. Revisit the area and watch grins of delight spread on young faces as you share the journey together.

Many areas of Nature's Place to Play are timeless. Nostalgia is treasured and celebrated at such places as Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Boyett's Citrus Attraction and Mary's Fish Camp, to name a few. Even enjoy dining at some establishments like Papa Joe's Italian Restaurant that have long called the area home.

#14 - vintage mermaid show (by WW History).jpg

Opened in 1947, Weeki Wachee Springs State Park welcomes first-timers accompanied by grandparents and parents who came as children.

Mermaids for Twitter.jpg

As they stroll through the familiar park, sometimes it's hard to tell who is happier. With no natural predators and lifespans north of sixty years, it's even possible some of the resident manatee and turtle underwater cast members are still part of your show.

Mary's Fish Camp.jpg

Not far away, on the shore of the scenic Mud River, Mary's Fish Camp is proudly vintage 1946. Just like in the old days, pick up some bait and an ice cold RC cola from the onsite shop, then sit on the dock and cast your line. Camp in your RV or stay in one of their renovated-but-rustic cabins to enjoy some quality unplugged time.

Stop by long-time roadside favorite, Boyett's Citrus Attraction on Spring Lake Highway and grab some teaberry gum or root beer barrel candy, unique souvenirs and homemade ice cream. Tour the sprawling menagerie throughout the shady property.

Boyetts Elvis 2.jpg

Besides dinosaur, shark and Elvis Presley displays, the backyard savannah is home to zebras, camels, monkeys and more. Don't forget to take home some fresh fruit during citrus season.

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Not only is there joy in revisiting sights that time preserved for you, it's a treat to share those moments when they are brand new. Florida's Adventure Coast warmly welcomes people at all stages of their journeys and invites generations of visitors to remember together.