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Summer's Savory Top 40: Florida's Adventure Coast Restaurants Ranked Highest on Trip Advisor

To you, dining out is more than just grabbing a bite; it’s an experience. From choosing cuisine to checking out online reviews and rankings, planning is important to you.Upon arrival at your chosen eatery, you take it all in: aromas, décor, service, plated presentation and flavors. You anticipate a sensory experience and immerse yourself fully. You are curious to try new places and loyal to familiar favorites.When possible, you patronize places that are proudly local, sharing your values, like support of nearby farmers and fishermen. 

Florida’s Adventure Coast serves up a buffet of options for every palate. Here you can find tasty artistry in many forms, from eclectic to exquisite.July is culinary arts month and whether your preference is seafood, international cuisine or southern comfort dining, tuck in to this list of places with at least twenty 4.5 or higher ratings on TripAdvisor. Don’t see your favorite? Consider posting a nice review the next time you go! Visit our website for a full listing of area restaurants.

Becky Jack’s Food Shack
8070 Cortez Boulevard, Weeki Wachee 352-610-4412
Chef’s Cafe
120 Commercial Way, Spring Hill 352-606-3970
Donnelly Deli
2112 Mariner Boulevard, Spring Hill 352-683-4017
Florida Cracker Kitchen
966 E. Jefferson Street, Brooksville 352-754-8787
Glen Lakes Country Club
9000 Glen Lakes Boulevard, Weeki Wachee 352-597-9000 (Reservations)
Hernando Beach Tropical Grille
4139 Shoal Line Boulevard, Hernando Beach 352-556-4809
Kafe Emoona
7635 Horse Lake Road, Brooksville 352-593-4193
Mallie Kyla’s
510 E. Liberty Street, Brooksville 352-796-7174
My Nanny’s Restaurant
5323 Commercial Way, Spring Hill 352-835-7172
R Beach
4054 Shoal Line Boulevard, Hernando Beach 352-592-5556
Richie's Cheesesteak
6191 Deltona Boulevard, Spring Hill 352-600-7999
Southern Harmony Café
34508 Cortez Boulevard, Ridge Manor 352-608-4355
Steak Boss
5270 Cortez Boulevard, Brooksville 352-593-5955
Tilted Tea Cup Tea Room & Boutique
103 Saxon Avenue, Brooksville 352-593-4111
The Breakfast Club of Seven Hills Restaurant
148 Mariner Boulevard, Spring Hill 352-666-1008
The Breakfast Station
8405 Northcliff Boulevard, Spring Hill 352-600-8905
3438 Commercial Way, Spring Hill 352-688-4624
Waterfront Pub
3305 Shoal Line Boulevard, Hernando Beach 352-600-8990
Willy’s Tropical Breeze Café
10800 Pine Island Drive, Hernando Beach 352-596-0700

Asian InfluenceE Sushi Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar
13485 County Line Road, Spring Hill 352-848-3788Haiku Japanese Restaurant
4373 Commercial Way, Spring Hill 352-596-8768Thai Cuisine
11078 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill 352-684-8571Wasabi Japanese Sushi
13154 Cortez Boulevard, Brooksville 352-596-6751

Barbie Cue
12147 Cortez Boulevard, Brooksville 352-428-9794
Big Uns BBQ
7280 Sunshine Grove Road, Brooksville 352-596-4180
Deep South Family BBQ
7247 Cedar Lane, Brooksville 352-799-5060

Cuban, Spanish, Mexican
Alejandro’s Mexican Restaurant
7380 Broad Street, Brooksville 352-593-4352
Café Masaryktown
398 Broad Street, Masaryktown 352-754-2822
Copacabana Spanish-Caribbean Restaurant
4193 Mariner Boulevard, Spring Hill 352-683-0935
Wraps Mexican Grille
1135 Commercial Way, Spring Hill 352-684-7386

Cupcake Heaven
2721 Forest Road, Spring Hill 352-610-4433
Papa Clyde’s Ice Cream
1217 Kass Circle, Spring Hill 352-688-4464
4129 Mariner Boulevard, Spring Hill 352-684-6001

Nouvelle Cuisine
0531 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill 352-686-6860

Greek City Café
3125 Commercial Way, Spring Hill 352-683-6606
13178 Cortez Boulevard, Spring Hill 352-835-7188

Chefs of Napoli
14277 Powell Road, Spring Hill 352-544-1234
Il Tavolo Trattoria
3429 Deltona Boulevard, Spring Hill 352-606-3334 (Closed for summer, re-open Sept.18)
La Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant
7386 Shoal Line Boulevard, Weeki Wachee 352-556-5274

Village Pizza
4070 Deltona Boulevard, Spring Hill 352-686-8966

Trader Bay Seafood
4006 Shoal Line Boulevard, Hernando Beach 352-597-5170
Zig Zag Scallop
4417 Calienta Street, Hernando Beach 352-556-4860