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Governor Scott has Lunch at The Bistro

Catherine Reeves, Owner of Brooksville's The Bistro, hosted Governor Rick Scott for a lunchtime visit yesterday. During his state journey from east to west, Brooksville fell squarely in between as a perfect place to stop. When the Governor's staff asked for an eatery recommendation, Catherine...

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What Will Spring in the Forest Bring?

by Joshua McAdams

Rain, key to life on our planet, is one of the most prominent features of spring’s arrival, leading to growth of three of the six living kingdoms. Fungi, Plant and Animal all exist in simple yet complex genuses that make up families. Florida’s Adventure Coast offers many...

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10 Spirits to Sample on Florida's Adventure Coast

Do you consider yourself in the know when it comes to craft beverages? Does it make you happy to support the creativity of local establishments by lifting a glass or mug? If so, make plans to visit these ten places around Florida's Adventure Coast to toast your local spirit creators, from craft...

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Take Your Pick of Blueberry U-Picks

The lush countryside of Florida’s Adventure Coast is dotted with farms just bursting with blueberries. Grab your favorite shade hat and basket to gather your own sweet April harvest. You have some comfortable, close-toed, good-for-walking-in-fields shoes, right? Good!

Here are some more tips for...

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The BackStory: The Bistro

By Tina Marie Polson

When I tell you that there are places you need to go in Brooksville, this one ranks near the top. I can't explain the feeling you get when you walk through the doors of this building. Built in the early 1900's, it is full of historic charm with original ceiling, walls and...

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Watch Salsa Making at the Little Rock Cannery

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From Wine to Shine: Try Florida's Adventure Coast Locally Crafted Spirits

Raise your glass to more reasons to raise your glass! The variety of appealing artisan beverages is growing around Florida’s Adventure Coast. 

From frothy beer flights to swirling wine goblets, satisfy your adventurous palate with hand-crafted beer, wine and distilled liquors.

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Summer's Savory Top 40: Florida's Adventure Coast Restaurants Ranked Highest on Trip Advisor

To you, dining out is more than just grabbing a bite; it’s an experience. From choosing cuisine to checking out online reviews and rankings, planning is important to you.Upon arrival at your chosen eatery, you take it all in: aromas, décor, service, plated presentation and flavors. You...

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