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Sample Spring's Harvests on Florida's Adventure Coast

April is a popular time to cruise the blooming countryside and taste what only fresh-picked and locally-crafted can offer. Plan a blueberry and beverage tour of Florida’s Adventure Coast.

Download a handy U-Pick and Farm Tours brochure and make your plans. Check out the map to see which of the...

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10 Spirits to Sample on Florida's Adventure Coast

Do you consider yourself in the know when it comes to craft beverages? Does it make you happy to support the creativity of local establishments by lifting a glass or mug? If so, make plans to visit these ten places around Florida's Adventure Coast to toast your local spirit creators, from craft...

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From Wine to Shine: Try Florida's Adventure Coast Locally Crafted Spirits

Raise your glass to more reasons to raise your glass! The variety of appealing artisan beverages is growing around Florida’s Adventure Coast. 

From frothy beer flights to swirling wine goblets, satisfy your adventurous palate with hand-crafted beer, wine and distilled liquors.

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Man-Cation Inspiration

Who says only girls can have a getaway? We’ve cooked up a two-day Adventure Coast Itinerary filled with adrenaline-pumping, stereotypically manly activities!

Your adventure begins with fishing on the Gulf Coast, followed by an afternoon at the Sportsman’s Club and touring a local brewery. On the...

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Marker 48, A Unique Craft Brewery

Some might call it fun – and it was – but for Tina and Maurice Ryman, visiting over 200 craft breweries around the country was also valuable research. They took careful note of what worked at each establishment, like the inset metal “chill plate” along the bar at a place in Montana, and what...

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Wild Buck Rye Whiskey: Worth It

With the result an exquisitely packaged bottle of Rye whiskey with sipping flavor to savor, Kevin and Natalie Goff, owners of NJoy Spirits, LLC, brook no compromises in the pursuit of perfection. Part science, part art, the hand crafting begins with a secret family recipe. Pristinely maintained...

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