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August Fishing & Scalloping on Florida's Adventure Coast

Fishing is good if you start early. With daytime heating, the best fishing is early morning with a good moving tide. I like to fish the morning incoming tide along the mangroves and oyster bars for red fish and snook.

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July Fishing & Scalloping on Florida's Adventure Coast

July is here and that means one thing: the start of scallop season on Florida’s Adventure Coast. Scalloping is a fun, exciting time for family and friends.

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June Fishing on Florida's Adventure Coast

Inshore fishing action is good. Start early with a good incoming or high outgoing tide for red fish action.

With all the fresh water pumping out from recent rains, the reds are found more in the cleaner water like the outside points and islands. Look for mullet schools as a key sign that red...

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May Fishing on Florida's Adventure Coast

May is TARPON TIME on Florida’s Adventure Coast. The migrating tarpon are here and will remain through mid-July. Tarpon can be found in water from two to eight feet deep anywhere inside of the last markers of the channels. Tarpon fishing is a patient man’s game as it may take countless hours and...

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April Fishing on Florida's Adventure Coast

April fishing is on fire! We have a wide variety of game fish to target right now. Cobia are here prowling the flats and nearshore wrecks. When targeting cobia on the flats, look for sting rays in two to six foot depth. Cobia like to hang around the rays and feed on small bait fish.

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March Fishing on Florida's Adventure Coast

Spring is in the air and the fish are getting very active. With the Gulf waters heating up, we will soon see the migration of Spanish mackerel and cobia showing up. Bait pods are here already and the game fish are ready to eat.  

Redfish are roaming the outside points, islands and creek mouths....

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February Fishing on Florida's Adventure Coast

Sheepshead are the big talk right now among Adventure Coast anglers. Our sheepshead fishing is very good right now on our nearshore and offshore rock piles.

“Sheepies” are fun to target. It’s a lot like grouper fishing; anchor the boat up-current of the rocks, casting a distance away. What I...

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January Fishing on Florida's Adventure Coast

Happy New Year to all. Old Man Winter is here and the inshore game fish are holding in their winter areas.

Red fish can be found in the creeks and back bays, as well as near warm springs. Live select shrimp rigged with a 1/0 or 2/0 circle hook and light 20-pound leader is all you need to hook...

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