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What Will Spring in the Forest Bring?

by Joshua McAdams

Rain, key to life on our planet, is one of the most prominent features of spring’s arrival, leading to growth of three of the six living kingdoms. Fungi, Plant and Animal all exist in simple yet complex genuses that make up families. Florida’s Adventure Coast offers many locations to discover other life forms that we share Earth with. Grab a National Field Guide and then HI-HO, it’s off to nature we go!


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Ten years ago, I began my journey to master the art and lifestyle of foraging. Knowing the difference between toxic/edible sources takes practice. A good tip is: when in doubt, throw it out!
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The second important rule is: know the laws and regulations. You would not want to be the person eating a protected species as part of your cuisine.

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Overall, I strongly encourage all ages to start this spring off by feeding your basic human desire to learn, enjoy - and mostly - share the forest with one another.

Mushroom Chanterelles 1 JMcAdamsPhoto: Chanterelle Mushroom by Joshua McAdams

Before you know it, you may find yourself transforming a bland dish into a healthy and new taste bud experience using wild lettuce, berries, mushrooms, flowers and nuts that you found, identified and harvested. 

Mushroom Porcini 2 JMcAdams

Photo: Porcini Mushroom by Joshua McAdams

For those that are interested in learning more about foraging, join me on a guided hike so I can show you several examples of the wild foods that are just waiting to be discovered. RSVP at joshuamcadams1@gmail.com for a beginner foraging experience of a lifetime at Chinsegut Hill, a well renowned landmark of Florida's Adventure Coast.

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Author: Joshua McAdams

Joshua McAdams is a local independent forager that is most passionate about gathering different edible mushrooms and herbs. He has been studying mycology, ethnobiology and botany from book to field to deliver a message. Devoted to his wife, Taylor, son, Noah and neighbors of the forest, he is committed to the community’s future.